Monday, May 10, 2010

Absolutely Perfect!

Mother's Day was VERY special to me this year. Jarrod was going to take Ella shopping and let her pick a gift out for me. I gave him a handful of ideas and off they went. I was very eager and excited to see what that little creative mind would select as the perfect gift. Once they returned I heard two VERY different stories...what an adventure they had! If Ella tells you the story, these are the highlights:

  • Mommy present purple.
  • I saw a bear, a tiger, a lion.
  • I rode it but it was broken.
  • I was crying.
  • I saw Natalie and Athan.
  • I go with Daddy.
  • Mommy stayed in my room.

She will tell you this version of her story over and over and over. This adventure made an impression on her. It is SO funny to hear. Wow she is quite expressive! Now here is the REAL story according to Daddy:

  • They went shopping at Target. Ella had her own idea of where to go and what to buy. She was all over the place and not very compliant.
  • They could not find any of the items I suggested.
  • After talking on the phone with Jarrod, Ella found the perfect gift. It was not exactly what I asked for, but it was purple. (Ella's favorite color!)
  • Afterwards, they had lunch with Natalie and Nathan. Ella cried when they left the restaurant. Long story as to why.
  • Last, Jarrod had to pick up his repaired lawnmower from the Ace Hardware in Woodstock. Inside the store is a VERY large stuffed bear (yes it's real). They have a mountain lion, too. Ella was mesmerized by them. Not so sure where the tiger comes in to the story.
  • While waiting for help, Ella "rode" on the riding lawnmowers, but much to her dismay they would not work even when she pushed the buttons.
  • When they came home, Ella told me I had a purple present. She was right!

AND yes, the present was perfect. It symbolized what Ella loves and what I love. What was the perfect gift she to carried over to Daddy? A journal. I had been wanting a journal for writing down all of Ella's funny quotes and stories. I really wanted one without lines, but Ella found a purple one with butterflies on it. Even though it had lines inside, it was Ella's favorite color. Plus I love butterflies. She also picked out a purple picture frame for me, and inside the frame was the cute picture below. Pieces of what we both love! She was very excited to hand give me my gift, and she kept saying "Mudder's Day". It was in the perfect bag picked out by her: white with purple and pink flowers. She walked over with it and pulled out each thing for me. First, the card with 3 cute kittens on the front. She pointed out her name on the inside and that it said "Mudder's Day". Next, she showed me the journal. She quickly gave me a pencil to write in it. Last, the handed me the frame and told me it was purple. I admired the gifts, and soon after Ella put them all back in the bag. Then, she began to show me my gift again. Throughout the day she would show me my gift over and over or just walk around carrying the bag on her arm like a little lady. A few times I watched her turn every blank page in the journal as if it was the best story ever. One day it will be once I fill the pages with all her cuteness. She was very excited about her adventure with Daddy, and she was very proud of her gift. Why? Because it was perfect! Simple, sweet, and perfect. Melts my heart and makes me smile. Thank you Daddy and my little angel for a wonderful Mother's Day and especially for creating a very special memory! I love you!

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